About us
SegVeyjar is the first Segway PT rental in Iceland. It was founded in the Westman Islands in May 2010. A Segway PT is a two-wheeled, self balancing electric vehicle, which you stand on and control with your body – forward, back and side to side. The Segway PT is environmentally friendly and very silent. Stepping on a Segway is a huge experience, as is gaining control of the Segway which happens very quickly, contrary to what people generally think – then comes the Segway smile. J
The main operation of SegVeyjar will be in the Westman Islands, where we will offer both individual rentals and tours of Heimaey. During the summer we will, however, also be travelling the country and will visit some of the larger town festivals and introduce this unusual and exciting vehicle.
SegVeyjar is a family owned company, owned by Gudrun Mary Olafsdottir and Bjarni Olafur Gudmundsson.